Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year to the Old and New

Happy New Year Old Friend!
Happy New Year New Friend!
So grateful to each of you for friendship and kindness and love.

I awoke to a steel grey Dallas sky above but I'll watch the sun set in Austin tonight. Jeremiah 33:20 talks about the covenant of the day----and it is the same covenant of promise for me and you this day and forever in 2010. The dawn will break and with each sunset, no one can break that arrangement. Just the same, no one can break the promise of our God to be good to us this year. He will. He will be good to you, no matter what.

Reminded of Oswald Chambers words this New Year's Eve:
Our goal is God Himself.
Not peace, not joy, not even blessings but God Himself!

May we see what is happening in our hearts this year like Peter did. He was a different guy in the Book of Acts. Remember in the Book of John when he cut off the ear of the soldier in spite. Peter didn't see the viciousness of his heart. But he did see his heart in Acts. May I really see and wrestle and deal with the fray of my heart this coming year. There is hope for our sin. A Beautiful Redeemer!

As the moments of 2009 tick off the clock, may you find a Beautiful God, a Wonderful Counselor waiting to show up in your 2010. He's there preparing a place for you.

Happy New Year! God bless my new and old friends!


Lisa 12/31/2009  

Praying nothing but GOD HIMSELF for each of us in the coming year!

Blessings ~ Lisa

Toknowhim 12/31/2009  

You got it Bev... You do understand what is most important for us... Not what God can give, but only God Himself...

Love you, and Happy New Year...


Nise' 12/31/2009  

He is always good! Praising God for the gift of the past year and thanking him in advance for His blessings that will come in 2010.

Happy New Year.

Rhonda 12/31/2009  

Happy New Year to you too!

Mary Lou 12/31/2009  

Happy New Year to you dear friend. May we all truly just seek Him and not what He can do for us. What a valuable lesson to learn. God is good and He is good ALL of the time. Supposed to get my 66 Love Letters Monday or Tuesday. Amazon didn't say that it was preordered. Can't wait to read it along with the daily Bible Reading. Prayers, hugs and love...sure wish I could come to Houston for the memory work conference with Beth.

Kate 1/01/2010  

I love it! My goal is God Himself!

Sharon Brumfield 1/04/2010  

What peace to know that He is there waiting for us!
Looking forward forward to crossing that finish line this coming year hand in hand with Him.
Love ya girl!

Anonymous 1/06/2010  

I just got caught up on your blogs, Bev, and I am uplifted as always. Your Christmas letter was full of good news. I pray blessings over all four Brandon offspring and their coming milestones. Please tell them I love them. You and Bob remain so dear to me and your courage and purity of heart inspire me. Nancy Purtell

Maroussia 4/22/2010  

It will be great to watch A Steady Rain, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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House of Blessing Tribal Childrens Home
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