Friday, December 18, 2009


I made the nurse repeat it TWICE. B.E.N.I.G.N. Thank YOU God! The suspicious spot on my leg is a benign seborrheic keratosis. Seb k. I've had this barnacle on my shin for about 3 years but it's gone now.

I don't want to live my life encouraged only by my circumstances. LIKE...we finally got our car back after 5 months in the car repair shop; however it doesn't run quite right. Ha. Or, my computer is so messed up that I just went to Fran's blog and it said it was an ATOM XML and I couldn't post on atoms? What in the world does that mean? I think my computer might not recover and I'll be cyber homeless. My Facebook is frozen---but so is every link I have to open.
But I can rejoice when the news is good. And this is good news that the lesion was benign. And I can embrace the Truth when the news is not good. And entering that truth will not only be sadness but can also be joy as we draw near to Him.

For what do want this moment MORE THAN drawing near to God. May we all listen to our hearts and what is really going on inside of us. It matters so much what is happening inside of me. Way more than it matters what I am doing! So grateful to a very good God for bringing me to this place in life.

We read Christmas cards every day and think that people are doing great by what they are DOING---wonder what is really going on in their hearts.

Yesterday I listened to a CD on pondering the Trinity. Relating to God and others takes first place in our lives. Love the LORD with all your heart. Enter the souls of your family and friends to model and invite brokenness.

Everything but drawing near to God is a "second thing" as C.S. Lewis said: Put first things first. There is only One First Thing. Had a conversation with a good friend yesterday about people saying that if you have your health, you have everything. Not so! Our health, our families, even our ministries are all "second things." And some of those, as one of my friends quotes, are "painful doorways to deeper intimacy. "

So as I face my own brokenness this Christmas, I have to face what's going on in my own heart, not how I want my world and people in my world to change. And I will face that I am profoundly not able to be strong enough to love and change anything apart from the power of God. I Cor 2: 2-4.

May we all seek HIM this Christmas in the midst of whatever it is that we face. Draw near to Him and HE will draw near to you. Plead for His Mercy rather than demand that the pain and the hurts go away.

The CD talked about the church being a community of broken people who long to know a Beautiful God and relate like HIM in our world RATHER than being a community of responsible reasonable people trying very hard to do a lot of very good things for the Kingdom. Are we frenetic and frantic for Christmas? Hmmm. Trying to make something happen...which leads to strategy and valuing people that are on board with us rather than offering them grace right where they are.

I'm still Miss Shingles over here (affectionately called by my youngest). Looks to me like I have a mild case of shingles compared to the scary shingle stories I've heard.

I'll post my Christmas letter next. Just wanted to say what was stirring in my heart this grateful morn. For whatever that's worth! I'm very grateful this Texas wintry season (it's 75 degrees outside) that I have the privilege to warmly walk alongside of friends like you!

Signed: Miss Shingles


Sharon Brumfield 12/18/2009  

Good news girl!
And I pray for a quite recovery of those shingles!
I am glad that you are seeing some things getting resolved. What a blessing that you got your vehicle back.
It is a beautiful thing what God is speaking to sweet that He leans near to whisper in your ear.
Looking forward to reading your Christmas letter.

Rhonda 12/18/2009  

Praise the Lord! That is good news.

Lynn 12/18/2009  

So thankful with you for the good news. Thanks for sharing some very wise thoughts about God being more concerned with who we are than what we do. It took some very difficult things in my life to teach me that lesson but oh what freedom there is in it.
Have a blessed Christmas.

Mary Lou 12/18/2009  

praise the Lord precious Bev. Thank you for getting that post up. How I prayed so hard for a good report for you. Thank you for all you write and how you are so transparent and point us all back to Him and give Him all of the glory and praise. He truly does inhabit the praise of His people. Can't wait to read your Christmas letter...Blessings and prayers and hugs and love, Mary Lou

HIS Child 12/18/2009  

Such a joy to see you writing and sharing your heart. I always get a heart check from your ability to share the things that our Lord whispers over you. I am so grateful for your wisdom and your courage. God bless you and your family this Christmas.


Toknowhim 12/18/2009  

This is wonderful happy for the good report, but more happy for what is going on inside your heart....

You inspire me to want to be better for Christ...not doing works to be better, but resting in Him and trusting Him to be better...He is worthy..

Love you Bev... Kim

Laura 12/18/2009  

My sweet sister in Christ..Been thinking of you and have had you on my heart lately.
Having some of my own family issues and something that the LORD brought to my heart was for me not to be focused on the situation but to keep my heart focused on him. Life is hard but GOD is always so good.
Love to you.

Holly 12/18/2009  

This is why I think you are a wise, genious of a woman of God: "We read Christmas cards every day and think that people are doing great by what they are DOING---wonder what is really going on in their hearts."


Love you and praising God with you, Bev!! Sorry my text was so short, I have been hither and yon with our four today...and yet they live! :) Ha!

Holly 12/18/2009  

**genius** :) Hee hee!

Warrior in Training 12/19/2009  

Well Miss Shingles-Praise God for a good report! :-)
So grateful for your beautiful spirit and your thoughtful words. Your posts always point my thoughts to the great I AM. HE IS-isn't He-everything we need.
"Put first things first. There is only One First Thing." AWESOME!
I also love the picture of the church community.
Thank you Lord for continued healing of this precious sister in Christ and may you bless her and her family as much as she has blessed this sister.......

Laura 12/21/2009  

Hallelujah! Merry Christmas, Beth. What a wonderful gift you have received.

Dee 12/21/2009  

So thankful for your good news. Merry Christmas, friend.

Anonymous 12/23/2009  

Merry Christmas to the Brandons! Was wondering whether there would be an updated picture this year. Please give my love to all of your family! Still believing for God's hand of healing to be made manifest in your body! Merry Christmas!
Love from Fort Worth,
Kristen W

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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