Monday, December 28, 2009

66 Love Letters

Join us in reading through the Bible this year from Cover to Cover, Genesis to Revelation. Alongside the bible readings, we will read a devotional book, Lawrence Crabb's new book 66 LOVE LETTERS (release date is January 12, 2010). As we read a book of the Bible, we will also read the corresponding chapter in Crabb's book.

We will start January 1st using a One-Year Reading Plan from beginning to end. I invite you to read The Message version this year or you may choose another version. You are invited to comment on my blog "A STRING OF PEARLS" and link us to your own blog comments about your Scripture readings and devotional readings in 66 Love Letters.

There is no commitment. Just an invitation to read and allow the LORD to show up for you. We want to hear what God stirs in your heart as you open his Love Letter. What lingers with you throughout your day?

You can go to and sign up to receive the one-year reading plan in your e-mail inbox or cell phone. You can purchase Larry Crabb's new book 66 Love Letters from, available January 12th. "Written in a conversational tone, Dr. Crabb looks at each individual book in Scripture and boils it down to a one-or two-sentence message to us from that particular book." Larry answers the question: What does God want me to hear from this love letter?

I believe the Truth of God's Word---Psalm 51:6--- will sink deep into our hearts and change our lives this year.

Start with us on January 1st. Larry's book will not be available before January 12th. You can jump in or take a break at any time. This invitation is for you to listen to God not to check off boxes that you've read every day. You are invited to post the stirrings of your heart at any may be just be one verse or one thought or even more as we listen to His Love Letters to us in 2010. Or you may just want to read along and not comment.

See you on January 1st on my other blog, A String of Pearls. You won't find any postings on this blog about the 66 Love Letters, only about life with The Brandons. You can access A String of Pearls blog in two ways: 1) click on A String of Pearls in left margin of this blog 2.) go to my profile and click on A String of Pearls.

We would be so delighted for you to join us in listening to what God has to say to each of us in 2010.


twinkle 12/29/2009  

I would love to join you. This morning I read the book of Lamentations from The Message. Chapter 3:19-30 spoke deeply to my heart. Wait on hope. Wait quietly on hope...

I love you, Bev. I want to go deeper still with Jesus. This seems like the perfect opportunity.

lisasmith 12/29/2009  

the book sounds amazing...I think I'll have to check it out...Bev, I did read chornilogically through the Bible this year and every time I picked up my one year Bible, I prayed for you. Promise. It was by your encouragement I ordered mine last year and it just reminds me of you. Thank you for your faithfulness and even when I'm absent from the world wide web, I'm praying on your behalf. =)

Mary Lou 12/29/2009  

Oh, yeah, exciting. I am going to read it Chronologically in a one year Bible....I will order Larry Crabb's book and read that along with you. He helped me to grow so much the year I read thru with you before...can hardly wait to see what He has for us in the year to come. Will be praying for your stamina and all that concerns you. See you Friday on A String of Pearls. I love pearls..God has so many for us in the year ahead...Blessings...Mary Lou

Bev Brandon 12/29/2009  

Twinkle - Just left you a comment over would delight me to no end to see Twinkle on the Pearl blog. Thank you so much for your compassion and kindness to me this year!

Bev Brandon 12/29/2009  

Lisa, you just blew me away. I mean like right off my chair! That's a lot of prayer and I only wish I had been that dedicated to friends. How beautiful for you to remember. I think I may have an Aggie on my hands here which means I may get to see you some! I cannot thank you enough. You literally just took my breath away. Thank you---you couldn't do anything better for me. And the Beautiful God in you Who listens has moved into places in my heart and stirred me in lasting ways this year...thank you my friend!

Bev Brandon 12/29/2009  

Mary Lou, what a faithful friend! You have such a heart for Him and us! So grateful to have you join us. See you soon and whenever you can comment. Look forward to it! Love you Lots

Anonymous 12/31/2009  

I, too, follow your blog...cant tell you how many times I have prayed for you thru your ongoing battle.I live in Alabama..a longtime friend and follower of Beth Moore's ministry. I will be joining you on the bible reading this year along with the book you mentioned. I cannot tell you how many words from your postings I have sent to encourage others going through cancer issues or health concerns and even chronic pain. None of your words are God is ministering to you..He is using your words to minister to others.(2Cor 1:3,4)
I'm looking forward to this journey with you.
coram deo,
Donna Hazelwood

Bev Brandon 1/01/2010  

Thank you excited to get to know you!

Sylvia V. 1/01/2010  

I desire to join you reading the Message version of The Word and will get Larry Crabb's book when it is available.

I want to post my photo on String of Pearls but still have not figured out how to do that. One of my goals in 2010 to become more technology proficient.

Holly 1/03/2010  

Count me in, friend! I am reading "The Message" one year chronological. Is that ok? I will get Larry Crabb's book, too!

Praying with all my heart to get to see you face to face again this's been too long.

Love you!

philipscom 6/26/2010  

This is really wonderful, i really missed it from the start of the year, happy that at least at the half of the year i found it, thanks for sharing this, would like to read more. Keep writing and informing the people around the world,
with all good wishes and prayer
br. philip v ariel from India

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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