Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy New Year---May You Really Live!

Happy New Year from Snowy Seattle

We made it over sleety streets to a tiny town near the foot of Mount Rainier. Spent a seventy-degree Christmas in Allen, Texas with my sister and her fam. The morning after Christmas, we put Britt on a chartered bus in Austin with his high school basketball team (about 50 favorite buddies) traveling to Disneyworld for a basketball tournament in Florida. Didn’t have the money to follow him and God gave a peace in missing it. We have hardly missed anything our children have been a part of, ever, but had to let this one slip through our fingers. Bob and I hopped on a last-minute flight to visit his 92-year-old dad who invited us up to the Northwest. He lives alone in a quaint northern town. No internet, just frost everywhere. I’m frozen! With nine decades of life, he has a span of stories having lived through wars and recessions and crises and inventions.

Lots of time to reflect on the goodness of our God this past year. “The nearness of God has been our good.” Psalm 73:28. Have caught up on lots of reading. This morning one quote just jumped out at me: “The place where I am most deeply hurt is what I am always trying to get, to collect---to get people to like us, to be in charge, to serve, to applaud, to get someone to take care of me. There is an anger at that point in us where we feel so small.” What do we do with those places? Is my repentance too shallow? I have believed lies in my life that have ended with demands that people come through for me and that I’ll have to arrange it if God doesn’t come through. How foolish. Phil 3:19 calls it a god: “Their god is their appetite.” Exploring and deepening my thirst for God will release in me deep repentance or I’ll keep my friends and my God “in court” in my mind examining the evidence that I am not loved, not cared for. Not true at all! If we don’t repent and relate to Him in such a way that HE frees me to love openly and receive love freely, then I’ll just control my world and arrange it to get what I want. People don’t have to respond in certain ways anymore for life to be okay. I want to live with no demands to fill the hollow spaces within that ultimately only God can fill. St. John of the Cross wrote: God cannot pass an empty life without filling it with Himself. That’s if we are empty---are we empty of ourselves and this world?

Happy New Year to each of you. Do you remember the quote in Braveheart: “All men die, but only a few men really live.” My wish for you this coming year of 2009 is that you learn more deeply what it means for you to really live. You were made to matter. You were made to make a difference. You were made for HIM. Psalm 73:24-28--- May HE guide you with His counsel and receive your words. May you desire nothing else on earth but HIM. “It is good to be near to God.” Draw near. He’s waiting.


Holly 12/29/2008  

Oh dear Bev, I am so thankful for you--for His Word in you, what a powerful gift God has given to you in the written and spoken word! You use His gifts to you well.

And living? YES! I want to choose to live and yet to die to that selfish heart of mine that is always looking for cover and so much more. It only needs Jesus! Praying Britt has a wonderful time!! Did you know little Ashley Kate and her family were there? Perhaps Britt met them. That would be neat!

Love you! Let's talk soon!

Laura 12/29/2008  

Happy New Year to you too, Bev! I know you are already living! I'm drawing near...

Love you!

annie's eyes 12/29/2008  

Made to matter, and to truly live--I'm over halfway through my life and I still struggle with significance and purpose. Life throws a curve ball when you have to redefine what you thought that purpose was. In Christ, I find that meaning. No more searching, as He satisfies like no other, and gives meaning like none else. May 2009 be more joyous and filled with Him than any year yet for you! Happy New Year! Love you, Annette

Sharon 12/29/2008  

Thank you for your beautiful post! It is my prayer to desire JESUS more than anything else on this earth!

Blessings to you and your family now and always! Happy New Year!

Mary Lou 12/30/2008  

Truly a beautiful post. I will truly miss your insight from reading the scripture every week. I have loved reading your heart. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. You have blessed my life more than I can say. I will be reading your blog, I will not leave you. I truly want to draw near to Him in the coming year. I am praying for the changes to not be traumatic...there will be changes...I just desire for them to not be traumatic. The year is ending on a good note and things are looking very positive and are positive in alot of areas. God has done a work and is doing a work in our lives. God is good and He is good ALL of the time. Blessings...and love in Him, Mary Lou

Kristin 12/30/2008  

I loved your words here, Bev. To truly just find my worth in Christ alone is what I am longing for in 2009. We are a little late... but my husband and I wanted to sponsor one of the orphans if it is not too late. Could you let me know if we still can send money through paypal. Praying you have a blessed New Year!
Love ~ Kristin

Nise' 12/30/2008  

Happy New Year to you! I am glad you made it to visit your FIL in the beautiful northwest.

Anonymous 1/01/2009  

I have read your blog often in the past year and so enjoyed your writings.....they have blessed me and encouraged me greatly over the past months. Thank you for pouring out sister! Just wondering where you found this quote: “The place where I am most deeply hurt is what I am always trying to get, to collect---to get people to like us, to be in charge, to serve, to applaud, to get someone to take care of me. There is an anger at that point in us where we feel so small.”
I thought the quote was so insightful.
Blessings to you from Alabama!
Donna Hazelwood

Barrett Brandon 1/01/2009  

Orphan Update:
Hey Kristin - YES, you can still sponsor an's $1 a day. Britt is still looking for about 70 more people to give $10 total amount for an orphan. We got interrupted by the holidays and by a change in our e-mail address as well. The deadline is January 31st. I'll try to answer you personally but Britt will post about it again when he returns from Florida. THANK YOU SO MUCH! And thanks to those who have already sponsored---pass on the word if you know someone who could give $10 total and pray for an orphan. Thanks!

Barrett Brandon 1/01/2009  

ps - this is Bev, the mom, on Barrett's computer I guess!!! I am not back to my computer quite yet.

Bev Brandon 1/02/2009  

Donna, if you e-mail me at sixbrandons(at), I will be happy to answer your question. It was found in unpublished writings that could be published in the future.

ocean mommy 1/03/2009  

Bev I sure hope you are feeling better this morning! I have lived with a jar of Vicks for the last few weeks too!

Thank you for always encouraging and challenging me to keep going! I don't ever want to stop, I know that He really is my everything..I pray that my heart will never get over Him.

Love you and thank God that He saw fit to bring you into my life!


Abby 1/04/2009  

thank you for your sweet words :)

you always bless me so...
(got your card in the mail!!! MADE MY WHOLE DAY!!)

love you ms bev!

Shonda 1/04/2009  

Oh Bev! This is beautiful. Thank you for your warm wishes and prayers to learn to really live, that I really matter, and I am made to make a difference. I'm made for HIM. I want to be closer to HIM. Thanks so much! Lots of love & blessings in Christ-

Lindsee 1/04/2009  

Bev! You will never know how the truth you have spoken over my life has blessed me. The comment the other night was exactly what I needed to hear, and I went straight to deut. 11:11 and the Lord so blessed my heart. Exactly what I needed to hear! I love you dearly and pray that this would be a year that yes, we all truly live. :) You are an inspiration, dear friend.


P.S. YES, just like abby, your card made my day!!!!

Fran 1/05/2009  

Hey Bev!!!
Happy 2009!!! I pray that this new year brings you much joy and peace!!! You are so dear to so many of us. Love you dearly.

jennyhope 1/10/2009  

I miss you!! I was just thinking today about how I am Soooooo tired all of the time because of the beta blockers and etc that they have me on for the mitral/valve and panic attacks. I don't feel like I am really living. Uhhh!!
Anyway, just wanted to say hey and thank you so much for encouraging me over the last year. I love you!!

Kristin 1/13/2009  

I'm going to send a payment thru paypal. Hope it works! ~Kristin

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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