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Blogger Problems Abound!!! Whoa...sorry for the delay!

Thanks so much for being a part of the Bloggy Carnival thingy...I was so surprised with so many hits. I have posted a comment on both of the winners' blogs that my random integer generator named Britt picked their number.

Mrs. Hewett won "Voices of the Faithful" and Sonya from Sonya's Happenings won "The Beloved Disciple." Send me your addresses so I can mail your books. I have posted on your blog. The deadline to hear back from you is August 16th when we move.

A blogger mentioned the word "SIMULCAST" at 6pm last night and I was out the door to find a church---I had forgotten all about signing up for it in the midst of so much going on. Found it! And did God ever show up. Beautiful words from God! Beth's teaching is like rain that falls on thirsty souls Deut 32:2.

Travis's Psalm 145 song touched me very deeply as I knelt in the back row of this huge church by myself---when I opened my eyes I wondered if everyone would still be there --- it was so beautiful bringing me to exalt my Mighty God.

Beth's words poured out in love and strength even though we were the site that lost connection for 20 minutes. From break up your fallow ground in Hosea 10:12 to the cloud of witnesses watching us to being made rich in God 1Cor 1:5, it was an evidence of the demonstration of the power of God I Cor 2:3,4.

There were two words for my heart that touched me deeply: Phil 2:17 where Beth said that after all you have been through, whatever that is, be "poured out like a drink offering" for others. What an encouragement to keep on.

And another word that especially touched me was Isaiah 50:4,5 that every morning my beautiful God wants to talk with me---He's waiting. Get up Bev! He will give me an instructed tongue, a word for the weary---and she said the word weary is defined from the gamut of rebellious to unpleasant. Even when I'm unpleasant, He will sustain me. And that happened when I walked out of that auditorium and was so tempted to be unpleasant...God stepped in to sustain and a shift occurred in my heart.

So elated to think that in a couple of weeks I'll be standing next to one of you worshipping our beautiful God!


Holly 8/02/2008  

I love that you got to experience His Presence this way. Praise Him!! He is faithful. Yes, He is!

I love you so, friend!!

Ang baylis 8/02/2008  

Dearest Bev,
The King is enthralled with you! I'm thinking about you tonight! He loves you so... and so do I! I hope you know that you know that you know that you know!
Angie xoxo

Marina 8/02/2008  

Bev you are so lucky to be there our city did not have one :(

cant' wait to meet you soon in satx. marina

Lindsee 8/02/2008  

Sounds like y'all had an amazing weekend!!

I mean, can you seriously believe we'll all be doing this in 3 short weeks?!! I am about to come out of my skin I am so excited. It will be so surreal!!

Love ya-


P.S. Thank you for your sweet, sweet words. You truly never cease to encourage me!

Shonda 8/02/2008  

WOW! I am amazed how our Lord shows up and meets us where we are all across the world, yet so individually!

So much ministered to me, esp. in the Stop the choke segment. About anxiety--i battle with it and she hit it right on the head as it is a control issue. I must continue to press in and allow God to have control. Not to look around me and be dismayed (Is. 40:10).

Oh and his promises for 1000 generations are exactly as He promised 1000, not 999!

PMS--Please More Spirit!

We're women of substances! Competently Competent!
100 Fold!
Love ya!!

Engrafted by His Grace--

jennyhope 8/03/2008  

I needed to read about being poured out in Phil 2:7. It is so easy for believers to feel like they have out sinned God's grace which is such a lie. Anyway, I would love an update on you and I pray for you and love you!! I am sorry I have been so busy lately that I have not had much time for internet. Love you and am so thankful for your precious heart for our Saviour.

annie's eyes 8/03/2008  

With all you've been through in the last two years, you still pour God out so beautifully. No, because of all you've been through, you pour God out, as a spent drink offering unto Him. He uses you mightily, Bev. We'll worship together soon! Love you, Annette

Anonymous 8/03/2008  

Hi Bev,
So glad you got to attend a simulcast...I was here in Oregon at one as well...doesn't just boggle your mind about technology...even with you losing the feed for a bit...but to think about those 715 churches hearing the Word and praising Him to the fullest...I think a lot of ground was taken back from the enemy! I have still a lot to process and will be forever placing my hand over my heart so the seed does not get snatched away!

Love you Bev...isn't God so tender to help you find Him in an unknown place...yet so known by your Savior.

Jean 8/03/2008  

Bev, I'm so excited to know we were worshipping together and I didn't even know it!!!!! I was in Herndon, VA listening to the very same words and I heard all about the location that lost power, never dreaming my dear friend, Bev, was there! I know you have the power within you and are well on your way to "making the devil ever sorry he messed with you!!!!"

Love you bunches!

Romans 1:20; Psa 19:1-4...don't know why but these were the first verses I read this morning, so I am memorizing them this week.

Toknowhim 8/03/2008  

I attended too this week, and the Lord spoke to me (gotta keep my hand over my heart:)... I will be posting about it soon.

So I figure from reading the comments that you are moving??? If so, I cannot wait to hear the details...

Blessings sweet friend!!!

ocean mommy 8/03/2008  

This was just beautiful Bev! :)

This afternoon, it hit me just how close we all are to our Fiesta. I've started praying for those people that I'm going to sit next to read your last paragraph..well, it just melted my heart!

Anticipating Him!

Laura 8/03/2008  

How precious, after what you have been through, to have those words speak to you: poured out like a drink offering. Your life has been a pleasant offering to Him, Bev! I'm so glad that you were able to find a simulcast...I missed out!
Can't wait to hear more...

Dancin' Wallflower 8/05/2008  

Found your blog thru another blog and I am truly blessed by your words. I will definitely be back!
In Christ Alone,

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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