Friday, August 29, 2008

Living Proof Live Recap

WHEW!!!!!!!!! What just hit me?????

I have had an infection since Sunday, and it sidelined me!
After 24 hours on antibiotics, I can finally stand up on Friday, and I think I might be normal again soon, whatever that means!!!!

Here's my recap of the Siesta Fiesta in pictures! If I could have stood and shared anything about what blogging has meant to me....this is what I would have said. These past two years have been a dark time in my life. But, I have met my beautiful LORD in ways I could never have imagined or dreamed I could find Him. Trauma has ended up being one of the best things that ever happened to me. Pain has become my friend not my enemy. "Count it all joy" when you fall into various trials for what they produce, writes James about our dark days. I understand that a tad more than I did two years ago. One thing my beautiful LORD did for me through blogging that started with Beth Moore's LPM Blog was to heal me through people I didn't even know face-to-face. I guess if he can use a donkey, he can use a computer. Hosea 11:3 says that my beautiful God stooped down, bent down to me, and healed me. God brought you to me and I can't thank Him enough! And I really don't know when healing happened exactly over the past two years, but it has happened in such full measure. Oh, I could tell you about moments when Patty shared a word with me straight from His Mouth, when Holly hopped on a plane and came to me to hear Beth at Life Today, when Annette met me on the side of the road and welcomed me into her heart, when Jenny Hope shared so deeply with me that it shook my heart, when Kim called and I remember the spot on Camp Bowie where I stood as she spoke His Thoughts to me, when Fran e-mailed me and had no idea that what she wrote was Psalm 81:10---God filling her mouth...and I could go on and on and on. Is that not an unbelievably beautiful picture of my God during this dark time in my life bending down through bloggers and healing me. As the verse implodes that we don't know the exact moments but all I know is that He did. And things shifted in my heart.

And so, when I met those of you in the photos that follow, I wept with some of you. As I laid my head on the pillow at the Marriott next to Kate, I so wept that God would do that for me. Cannot tell you how much it meant to me to meet the following people and know that our friendship continues on throughout Eternity. I had hoped to hug Amanda and Vicki but missed them, maybe next LPL. I couldn't escape the thought this weekend as we worshipped that we will all be worshipping together the rest of our lives!!! Travis so brought God to me through the worship. I don't think the English language holds the words to describe how he brought God to us all. And Beth's words---this morning I read John 1 in my QT and Jesus asked the question in John 1:38,39: "What are you seeking? Come and see." Beth so invites us into her beautiful heart to hear and see and taste her beautiful God. She so brought us to HIM!!!!!

A holy weekend, I hold forever. Your bloggy faces now have voices and real names and tremors of gratefulness from a heart that thanks you for being my friend! What a privilege! What an honor! What a taste of glory! Here you are...

I will hold your faces, your voices, your stories in my heart forever!
With so much gratitude, Bev


Mary Lou 8/29/2008  

Bev, so thankful that you are feeling so much better. I wish I could have been there in Austin. I would have loved to hug your neck too. I am grateful to a big God who has so blessed you and turned your mourning into dancing. The methods He uses always do surprise us, don't they. You have so blessed my heart. Thank you for "taking" me in, even though I don't have a blog. I sent you an email to the other address. I had just wanted you to know that I had been praying even though we had not heard from you. May He fill your week end with his love and presence. Love, Mary Lou

helenw13 8/29/2008  

Oh Bev,
My google reader just alerted me of your post today but not the other one about your illness...I am so sorry but so glad that you are feeling better.
It has been so fun to make the rounds of some of the blogs and see all the all are know! I would have loved to have been there...going to Deeper Still next weekend...but I am so happy that you have been able to meet face to face those who have been walking with you heart to heart...this blogging thing is simply amazing isn't it!
So happy you are settled or at least getting there in Austin...been praying for you and I will are such a treat and one full of calories...but all the good calories and worth the indulgence...
Have a blessed weekend,


Toknowhim 8/29/2008  

So glad you are feeling better Bev... Our meeting will come one day :)

Marina 8/29/2008  

glad to hear you are doing better ") love, marina

Michelle V 8/29/2008  

Bev, I'm so glad that you're feeling better! I've been praying for you!


Shonda 8/29/2008  

I'm so glad you're better now! I've been praying for you too. I love these pictures. It was such a special weekend. One i will treasure. I'm so glad I got to worship the Lord with you. I'm so grateful how the Lord has used "blogville" to bring closeness and healing in the body of Christ and especially for you so personally. God is so amazing! Love & blessings.
Engrafted by His Grace-

Nise' 8/29/2008  

Thank you for sharing the pictures! You are darlin'! I loved the one with you, Ang and Annette. God is so good! I recognize Patty, Kim, Holly and Lisa but who are the other lovely ladies? I am so glad that you are feeling better!

Holly 8/29/2008  

OH Bev, I am SO glad you are on the mend. Tabor prayed for Mrs. Bev yesterday in the car. Of course, I prayed, too.

You are so dear to me. I love you much and am praying for you this weekend, as you move in.


Julie 8/29/2008  

It looks like you had tons of fun.

Would you pray for my daughter Courtney? She leaves Monday on her first flight for a 3 weeks trip to India. She's flying alone and meeting missionary friends there.


Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife 8/29/2008  


I am so glad you are feeling better and that I was supremely blessed by being allowed to meet you! You've always been such an encouragement even when you were going through intense pain. I love you my friend and hope to see you again very, very soon. !!

Fran 8/30/2008  

Hey sweet Bev....
Praise God for antibiotics huh?? :)
I'm so glad that nasty thing didn't hit during SA! I am so thankful you are better and my heart just melts when I think of actually seeing, hugging, and praying with you in person! Whoa.

Much love,

Michelle Bentham 8/30/2008  

Thanks for sharing Beth... God has done such wonderful things. Your words, your tears and your precious heart will be with me for the rest of my life. I will never forget the way you encouraged me at the PJ Party.

Glad you are feeling better, I've been in a funk this week, too. I'm praying that Austin is everything you hoped for and all that God intends for you and your sweet family.


ocean mommy 8/30/2008  


My eyes are full of tears as I read this! It was a wonderful weekend wasn't it? What a gift it was to HEAR people speak and to hug their necks!! I'm so thankful God saw fit to let me part of it!

Praying that you and your family are well and getting settled in!

Love you!

annie's eyes 9/01/2008  

I am not sure what all happened even now, over a week later. A taste of glory for certain. Who would think we would meet with God through a box on our laps coming into each others' lives, changing our hearts through our common love, Christ Jesus? It sure sounds like a God thing to me. I love you, Bev. Keep feeling better. I continue to pray, my dear friend. Love, Annette

Susan 9/01/2008  

Bev. You continue to be such a blessing to me. When I get a bit whiny about something, God zaps me with a Bev have been through so much. And I am honored that you have and continue to share it with us.

I'm happy you are feeling better. Maybe getting settled in a bit in Austin? Send some photos so we can see your new digs.

Hugs and blessings and much love to you, dear Siesta.

Lindsee 9/01/2008  

Love you so much, Bev! And it was an absolute honor to meet you and hug you in person. Oh, how I treasure your friendship!

You are precious indeed, and the Lord radiates from you!

So much love your way!


Anonymous 9/02/2008  

nice pic
i find in google picture


Profbaugh 9/02/2008  


Right back at you my Siesta!! You have been such an encourager to me. I count it pure bliss to finally put a face with your wonderful words/voice. Glad to hear you're feeling better. I'm afraid, the crud still has me even with an antibiotic.


Alana 9/07/2008  

So wish I could have been in one of those pictures with you. It looks like you guys had a WONDERFUL time. I so glad for you! How are your new digs?

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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