Wednesday, June 18, 2008

To the God of My Valleys

"Be still and know that I am God."

Just read Psalm 46. Since a few of us are reading the Bible together chronologically, I now know what story that tender song was written in response to. A most challenging situation. A couple of you have e-mailed this week wanting to join our chronological reading. Anyone can join us at any time. Just e-mail me for details. God has so showed up for us as we read the Word and see what happened next. Are you in a challenging situation today? I am this morning. Powerless. "We do not know what to do but our eyes are on You." 2Chron 20:12. God didn't leave a manual for us to figure life out. He is the Lamp to shed Light on the steps we take this day. I love HIM this morning more than I can find words to say. But I am challenged and confused and crying out and chained to His word, "The battle is not mine, it's God's." 2Chron 20:15. So what do I do? IDK but He does. Be still, my soul, and know he is still the God of my mountains and my valleys, too. I Kings 20:28.


Michelle V 6/18/2008  


I also needed to hear that today in our reading..."For the battle is not yours, but God's."(2 chron 20:15). I love your heart for Jesus, Bev!


Karen 6/18/2008  

"our eyes are on You." What great direction to follow today.

I'm praying for you this day.

jennyhope 6/18/2008  

I thought of you last night at bible study when we got to the part where Jacob encountered God randomly when he was fleeing from Esau. IT wasn't random of God though. Anyway, Beth talked about how sometimes we go through a place where we don't think we could meet with God but He shows up in the most profound way and marks us.

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Mary Lou 6/18/2008  

Bev, I thought of you when I did the reading this morning. That section in 2Chronicles was taught in my class back in the winter when I needed it. I so thought of you this morning and prayed for you. He has gone before you....praise Him, worship Him, He will meet you and He will enable you to jump over the wall. He has you by His right hand. Standing with you and we are choosing to not be offended and to go forward. God will enable you to do the same. We all have times when we are offended or we pick up a loved one's offense. I had to really struggle at the first of the week with doing this, it felt "so good" in the flesh to be mad. He convicted me and my daughter gave me some scripture that ministered to me and God spoke and I backed off and chose to rest in Him. Blessings sweet Bev. May we both rely on Him to meet us and help us. Sorry to be so wordy. Blessings.

Mary Lou 6/18/2008  

Bev, just thought of something else. You have already done it but the verse where the people say we are powerless before "this decision" but our eyes are on you.
I claimed that before we made the final decision to close the formal office down and work out of the house. He has come thru for us after two and a half years. He will come through for you. It is hard to wait on His timing but we both know that His timing is perfect,He's never late and never early,but right on time for His glory. When my husband was hurt this week end it gave us a small view of how people in the ministry get hurt when people tell them more or less they are no longer needed in that position. We don't completely because it is not our vocation, but it did give us a small glimpse. Standing there with you as much as is possible. As my daughter reminded me.."mom, you are in good company, Jesus was rejected by His people". Put things into perspective. You are not alone..He is here and so am I. Blessings...holding your hand as we jump over the walls. Love, Mary Lou

annie's eyes 6/18/2008  

I, too, had a confirmation to wait this week. God is in the middle of it, and I am restless, so I must learn to be still, but more importantly remain that he is God. Praying for you through this valley. Keep fixed on Him. Love, Annette

Julie 6/19/2008  

Bev. I love that verse "we don't know what to do but our eyes on you." God tells them the battle is not theirs but his...they need only to stand. They choose to stand in the truth and worship their God. They go out in worship, prepared to fight their enemy who is waiting to destroy them. They get to the battlefield and all of their enemy has been destroyed. They didn't have to do one thing but stand and worship the one true God.

I LOVE that story!

Psalm 46: is one of my favorites...

Thanks for sharing.

littlerad 6/19/2008  

I love those songs, my life is better to deal with if my eyes are on God and not all the little things that Satin puts in my way...
I pray that you are having a great week...

Alana 6/21/2008  

Hello friend! So sorry we were unable to connect while I was in Dallas. I was so hoping it would work out, but I guess it was not meant to be.

Congrats on the new job, that sounds like a wonderful opportunity! Also, amazed about the driver's license thing. I can't imagine that day. Enjoy your free time ;-)

lori 6/22/2008  

that was a beautiful post

Tammie 6/24/2008  

I read your post on Beth's blog about where to put the whatchamacallit in whereveritgoes. I got a kick out your post.

Do you have a card reader? It's a contraption that reads camcorder and/or camera cards then transfers them to the computer thru a USB port. So, I think? Just a hopefully accurate guess. Got mine at Wal-Mart, I think.

Best of Blessings

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