Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's A New Summer

It's the first week of summer break and whew, it's already a whirlwind! A new day, new ways to obey.


First call on Monday morning was from a publishing company I had worked for in the past. They needed a copy editor...and within minutes the workload was in my INBOX. Technology is amazing. And, I'm so grateful to God for my summer job and possibly longer! Please pray for direction for my husband as we listen to hear God's leading in ministry. It seems that God may be moving us on. I thought we'd be in Fort Worth FOREVER. We want to spend the ending days of our lives where He wants us to be! Wonder where we'll be in the fall? We've lived here for 33 years. All I know is that I want to finish my life well, experiencing the presence of my God not His absence.

My 16-year-old can drive himself anywhere now. First time as a mom for the past 27 years that they don't need me to take them somewhere every day. From left to's Ben, Britt, Ethan, and Andrew. You may not be in my car anymore, but I will forever hold you boys in my heart. Oh my! My time is free like never before and it's so unusual. No more sitting and waiting at swim practice or basketball practice. No more driving these four to Six Flags and the movies and the ballpark. It happened way too quick for that's what I've done for the past 27 years with my 4 kids---almost three decades and it's over. I loved every minute with you guys.

NEW JOB FOR BRITT --- He's been at his new job all day---a lifeguard. And, I'm off to a basketball game. Can't wait to get there and see my buddy play!
- just read this in a George MacDonald book -
"Why do you call me LORD, LORD, and do not the things which I say?" I bother myself over words but am I missing what He is saying to do? Wonder what my LORD wants me to do THIS DAY this summer? May I go do it! Not to be just a "doer" but to be the one who hears His voice and obeys His call. May we find HIM this summer in ways we never dreamed we could. So what is your God telling you to do today? He is always doing a NEW THING for me and for you.


Marina 6/12/2008  

God has been calling me to more prayer, prayer changes circumstances,healing,and mended relationship I am began not to wish anymore but to simply pray God will in my life.marina

littlerad 6/13/2008  

I have visited your blog before and just read, but today your post touched me so... My husband and I followed God out to Ky 2 years ago and left all but our youngest there, now God is calling us back... Next year my youngest will 16 and for me the same as you my oldest will 27 and Iwon't have to drive any of my kids anywhere...
Went sent Candice our youngest back to Utah last week and so we are here waiting for our home to sell, so we can follow her... You are in my prayers...

Mary Lou 6/13/2008  

That is wonderful Bev, that the Lord sent you a job and you can do it from home. It is a wonderful feeling to not have to be the driver anymore. I only had two kids and it was a blessing for me to not have to be responsible for them anymore in that way. Each stage was a blessing and I enjoyed each stage. I am praising the Lord for providing for you and maybe He will provide thru that job even longer. Praying for you as He leads. May He speak loudly or softly and point you in the direction He desires for you to go where He has the most blessings for you and for Him. Seems like our summers are shaping up to be full of blessings...write me soon. He keeps showing up here too. wow...what a great God we serve. Blessings...Love, Mary Lou

Michelle V 6/13/2008  


I'm happy for you and your new job! I will be praying for you and your family as you go where God leads! And, my son starts driving school next week. He is 15 and will be 16 in December. I am not ready to let go and think about that freedom yet! ;-)


Holly 6/13/2008  

Well, a couple of things...I've been praying. For you! For me and my Chris. For ones that are sick.

Second, I think He's telling me to rest. So I am.

Love you friend!!
Colorado is a lovely place to live :)

Fran 6/14/2008  

I love the picture Bev. Time with these kiddos does fly by way too fast. Do you mean there is life after "kids at home?" I don't know how to do it.

Love you sweet friend. Praying for you always...

Shonda 6/15/2008  

I have a new chapter starting in my life as my oldest graduated from high school and seeking full time employment. It is such a transition.

Glad to hear about your new employment. Still praying for you! Lots of love to you!!
Blessings in Christ-

BethAnne 6/17/2008  

What a great picture. I wonder if God might be moving you Eastward? Say TN way? I would love to glean some of your wisdom from across the table at Starbucks!

jennyhope 6/18/2008  

since i have done the patriarchs 3 times I have remembered some things that have waved like a red flag and one of them was we are as filled with the Spirit as we are yielded to Him. I need to yield and do and heed His voice. So sad that you aren't driving them after all these years. Morgan will be three on Tuesday. I can not believe it!!! YAY on the job and I am with you. If God calls you to go! GO!

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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