Sunday, June 29, 2008

Olympic Trials.......................................................................Lauren Swims on Monday

It's finally here...Olympic Trials starts today and Barrett's adorably sweet girlfriend LAUREN BAILEY swims in about three hours. WHOOPS! I WAS WRONG---SHE SWIMS ON MONDAY MORNING. I KNOW CAUSE I WATCHED EVERY EVENT TODAY ON SUNDAY AND SHE WAS NOT IN IT!!! Lauren will swim the 400 IM pre-lim's MONDAY. Barrett is in France and he would so be in Omaha, Nebraska to see her swim if he was stateside. Britt's friend WALTER RUMANS will swim the 50 and 100 Meter freestyle---those events are not today. And, of course, our FAST friend DANA VOLLMER will be trying to make her second Olympic team. Dana swims pre-lim's this morning in the 100 Fly and should make it to finals tonight cause she is ranked second in the world in this event! You have to watch morning pre-lim's 11:00 AM CT on the internet and then tonight 6:56 PM CT those who make it to finals will be on NBC.
TV Coverage for trials is NBC tonight. Then, Monday through Thursday every night at 8:00 pm ET, it's on USA Network. Then, next Friday Saturday & Sunday, it's back on NBC every evening live. You can watch morning pre-lim's on the internet. I have goosebumps!!!

Tide and Thunder are roaring rolling's my second day at the beach. Witnessed the spectacle of a silent sultry sunrise. Jogged a couple of miles alone on the beach---silence at sunrise. Needed silence! Kierkegaard wrote: "If I could prescribe just one remedy for al the ills of the modern world, I would prescribe silence. For even if the word of God were proclaimed in the modern world, no one would hear it; there is too much noise. Therefore, create silence."

God confirmed in my happy heart some "right turns" I have made this past couple of years. And as I listened hard to His voice, I am so deeply encouraged in all my sin for His grace is greater. He is detaching me from dependence on being a citizen of this earth and attaching me to dependence on being a citizen of heaven.

"Progress on the journey is not measured by conventional external measures like achievement, prosperity, or health or by conventional internal measures like self-esteem, social comfort, or recognition." It's a quote from a 141-page curriculum from The School of Spiritual Direction by Larry Crabb. I attended the school last summer and am reading the manual again this week at the beach. But for me progress is detachment from what demands my heart and attachment to what God created me for.


Simone 6/29/2008  

Thanks for your comment on my site! I don't check it very often, so I'm just now getting to it. Sorry about that!

As far as how you got to me... my name is Lauren Watts and I was in Blair's class at Lake Country. I go to Living Hope in CS where Brooke attended. I was browsing blogs and I came across yours via Brooke's and remembered you as a lady of great wisdom. I hope you don't mind my reading! I enjoy hearing about where your family is now!

Shonda 6/29/2008  

How exciting about the swim trials. I wont be able to watch as my son has all-star baseball games.

What a beautiful time it sounds you're having on the beach with our Lord.

Be sure to stop by when you can and pick up an award I left for you!

Love & blessings in Christ-

Mary Lou 6/29/2008  

Bev, so glad you have gotten to get out of town and are enjoying the beach. I envy you being able to get away. I have sent you some devotions via email. Hope you get them soon. You are an encouragement to me. You keep seeking Him and looking to Him no matter what happens in your life. It doesn't mean that things aren't hard and will suddenly be easier but it does mean you are growing in Him. I too am thankful for the trials and testing and stretching that has gone on in my life for especially the past two and a half years. I wouldn't trade it for anything...not anything. That doesn't mean that it's wrong for me to cry at times or be stressed at times, or even wrong for me to have my feelings hurt. What would be wrong would be for me to not look to Him or praise Him for the good times as well as the bad. You are doing that and I admire and respect you. You share such geat insights and discernment. He is using you in a lot of lives. He is moving in your heart and life and I for one am touched by it. Blessings.....and love in Him, Mary Lou

Alana 6/29/2008  

Ooh the beach! That sounds heavenly. Let us know how the trials go, so exciting and great to have someone personal to root for!

Holly 6/29/2008  

Enjoy the sights, sounds and smells--whisper a prayer for us this week--OK? I love you, friend! I look for God in all your circumstances to be way MORE than you ever imagined!

Nise' 6/30/2008  

Enjoy the beach! I saw Dana swim last night and was cheering her on!

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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House of Blessing Tribal Childrens Home
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