Saturday, June 9, 2007



someday i am going to be there to watch you Barrett

SWIM 1.5 MILES from Alcatraz Island
in the frigid waters of San Francisco Bay

BIKE 18 miles down the Great Highway

RUN 8 miles in the Golden Gate Rec Area

what a beautiful race...
what a gifted athlete...
i have you on video when you were 5 years old
riding on your bike in our driveway
going round and round in circles tirelessly
and you said---
i am going to grow up and be really fast
and you did
and you are...

we give THANKS for you
to the One who made you FAST


Brooke 6/09/2007  

i love that video of barrett on his little bitty bike. so precious.

Bev Brandon 6/09/2007  

remember the night we watched all those old videos?

Bev Brandon 6/09/2007  

what's up that the number of comments won't show...

Connie Barris 6/14/2007  

you were so precious to leave such a wonderful comment... I am truly humbled.. but I must say all the glory is my Fathers...
His beauty lies in our world..
but again thank you and I'm so glad you came to visit..

I love alcatraz.... I can not imagine swimming it though.. WOW...

what beautiful pictures

I'm so sorry you missed your was beautiful... but maybe God had other plans for you..

stay in touch


Connie Barris 6/16/2007  

OH girlfriend.... I hear it in your voice... yes.. we trust in the Lord but does it make the walk easy.. NO.. sometimes we want to scream out.. OH LORD.. I believe my help my disbelief...

and we can be hurt so much by the very ones we love so dear...In your husband's work... I'm sure he is going to have to walk through forgiveness, isn't he? and you too. because no matter what.. it hurts like crazy....

I have read waking the dead.. what an awesome book...

forgive the one liners.. I can't do it either...

I will be praying for you.. because I too have been right where you guys have been many years ago... and yes.. I came out with much fruit abounding.. but it still hurt... but God was so's like childbirth. hurts like the dickins' but what a beautiful gift... wouldn't want to do it again, but you would for the gift...

blessings sweet one...

Bev Brandon 6/16/2007  

thanks sweet connie...
i will never be struggle free
but i want to struggle well
to wrestle with my
awesome Lord
who has so showed up in my life...
God orchestrated a new job
for my husband
to get me to a better place with Him and if it was just for that
it has been way more than
worth it...
i may be a mess
but i am a glorious mess
because of Who lives inside me

Connie Barris 6/16/2007  

Now why in the world would you ever want to go to one liners...

that is for comedians... LOL...
snort giggle..

we are bloggin chicks... women.. we like to talk...converse...

so talk on baby....

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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House of Blessing Tribal Childrens Home
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