Monday, April 9, 2007

Crawfish with The Easter Bunny

Alexi with the Easter Bunny...
50 lbs. of crawfish with the Easter Bunny...
Creme Brulee in the snow with the Easter Bunny...
I had to call another country to find out how to post photos cause the feedback from my oldest daughter was this----"Mother, no one will read your blog if you don't post pictures." I thought about posting the one with the Easter Bunny sitting at our table eating 50 lbs. of crawfish....wait till this sis is having a 250 lb. crawfish boil...
Easter Sunday didn't quite go like I thought it could, like I thought it would...but I walked away with a greater sense of searching to live a "bold value-driven life rather than living a fearful people-dependent life". Life isn't all about me and what works out for me anyway.

The worship this weekend was out of this world for me and it's mind-boggling to think we will worship our awesome God for all Eternity. God spoke to me powerfully through Matt Chandler in Romans 8:33---who can bring a charge against me? Verse 34...My Christ is seated at the right hand of God making intercession for me right now and how I needed that last night when two horrifying dreams invaded my peaceful sleep and awakened me in tear-filled terror.

I heard Ephesians 1:19 so many times this Easter weekend that I was awestruck that I knew it had to be my God speaking to me. I went to six services---that sounds radical or something---but I couldn't get enough of Easter worship of our King of endless worth. I heard He was showing up. Remember, Mary showed up with her alabaster box when she heard He was at that place. I'd go to church today, Easter Monday, if I could find a worship service. Eph. 1:19 says it's all about His Resurrection power and it is that very same power I have been given to cling to Him and not worthless stuff (Jonah 2:8) and given that same kind of power to help me live driven by values and passion and love. He makes it happen or do we think that we began in the Spirit and can accomplish our goals by human efforts---Galatians 3:3?

We braved the snow this Easter weekend, wore our Easter winter clothes, froze while hiding eggs, dined with the relatives on Easter Creme Brulee with prime rib, loved every minute with the little cousins, and ate crawfish with the Easter Bunny. But the best part of everything was believing God that He is changing our lives by His Power and getting to worship our resurrected Lord. What a privilege this Easter weekend was to worship Him. Oh my! "Worthy Is The Lamb!"


Brooke 4/15/2007  

i missed my easter crawfish!!!! there's always overnight fed-ex ya know! :)

i'm glad you had a wonderful weekend, mommy!

Blair 4/16/2007  

hahaha mooom i'm still impressed you know how to do this...i don't even know how to to HTML junk...but i forget to read blogs b/c i don't have one. You're too cool for me. But i enjoyed reading it!!!

Jane 4/17/2007  

Love your blog. I'll have to bookmark it so I don't forget. Everyday I check both Katie's and Brooke's blog hoping for more news and those great photos and videos.
I have a new blog as well about the show I'm directing, 1776. Check it out.

Michael 4/17/2007  

Mrs. B! I have a joke for you...

Me: Knock knock.

You: Who's there?

Me: Cargo.

You: Cargo who?

Me: Cargo BEEP BEEP!

Cool blog...keep it up!

Sarah 4/17/2007  

mrs. bev!

so glad you're in the blogging world.
we needed you!

M&M 4/17/2007  

I'd love to see pictures of a bunny eating crawfish - never seen that before! You're an awesome blogger, Mama Brandon!
Love, Martha Roberson

Hendrick Family 4/17/2007  

Mrs. Bev!

I will be a dedicated reader. Everything you know, I want to that means you have a lot of writing and teaching to do!

I commented back to you on the dating case you haven't been back it says...

Mrs. Bev!!!

Oh how I do love your daughter!

I want you to know that ANY words of wisdom you can give these girls on this dating worksheet or Her Hands blog would be a BLESSING to me and the class. Your thoughts are welcome!!! Please never hesitate to teach us if the Lord lays something upon your heart!!

stacitempleton 4/20/2007  

Mrs. Brandon,
I didn't get the pleasure of meeting you when you were here. Your last week here in Thailand was my first week in Thailand.
I am sure that Brooke has told you by now but I am going to be one of her roommates next year..well actually I move in this summer when Kate leaves.
Anyways...good blog site..keep it up!

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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House of Blessing Tribal Childrens Home
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