Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Beth Moore Live

Two adorable West Texas girls with Beth...

I was so touched by my God today...It was 11 am and I was on my way to my own Beth Moore bible study "Beloved Disciple" when the call came that there was one extra ticket to Beth's live taping of the James Robison show. I had one hour to get there. Because I was by myself, they put me right in the front next to the ladies who had been there in line since 8:45 am. I so enjoyed every word as they taped four days of interviews between James Robison & Beth Moore. Here are some snippets where Beth brought God to me today and made me want to jump out of my skin:

She talked about longing for a place she never dreamed she would be living after being more messed up than most and having experienced sexual abuse. She talked about how Satan wants to bury us alive in an early grave. He desires to cover us so our light won't shine for he is the Destroyer. He knows he can't have us for eternity but our enemy has a tremendous investment to convince us to stay in the darkness, stay in your pit. God's agenda is to make you miserable in your pit. She shared Job 33: 29, 30:
"God does all these things to a man twice, even three times---to turn back his soul from the pit that the Light of Life may shine on him."
And when she talked about Silas in Acts 16: 26 and how that suddenly there was an earthquake---Truth settled in as it says in Psalm 51:6 that it's those cataclysmic events that God allows to happen in our lives and our chains drop off, she exclaimed..."Everybody's chains came loose!" Jesus is inviting us to come be free! Oh! Oh! And James Robinson so humbly replied back to her about his own personal defeat---the misery of missing his Jesus during a season of despair in his life. He shared about how in his relationship with Jesus Christ He had missed the presence of God for a time. He shared Matthew 11: 28:
God is saying Come to Me all you who are weary & burdened & I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you & learn from yoke is easy, your load will be light.
Tears flowed as they both talked about the despair they have known in their lives. Beth said God is interested in a relationship with us, no formulas. He is after Sufficiency---live off Him and He will reform our habits to a constant awareness of His Presence & His Power. James talked about walking with a limp every day, suiting up his armor, and he shared a vision of having braces on and being underwater with no oxygen---He is our life and we can't live without His oxygen---reminded me of the verse in Psalm that His word is like oxygen to us. And Beth replied with II Cor. 4:7---
But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God & not from us...perplexed but no despair.
Beth asked: why is it so easy to believe God can do it for you but what about for me? She ended the last interview talking about:

CRY OUT: You have His power...He wants to renew your mind.
CONFESSION: Are you upset with Him? Are your feelings hurt? Have you been abused? Open your mouth & pour out your heart. You are safe with Him.
CONSENT: Consent to what God already wants for you and your life. God never meant for you to be content in your pit. I AM is able to make you stand.

The four live interviews were over...
And then a moment came that I will hold in my heart for the next three years as I see my youngest son through high school....James Robison asked if he could say a personal word to us about our boys and he talked about the war we are in for our young men. He said they needed to be covered and not exposed and I can't tell you what welled up in my heart that moment for my boys. He asked if he could pray for us. A few months ago God brought to my mind that someday James Robison would pray for me---I have never met the man ever--- and here it was, then...Just yesterday in my QT as I was reading and praying and struggling and crying out to my God, God gave me Genesis 9: 22, 23---verses I had really never thought about and here God is speaking that same word to James Robison for us and our boys and I came unglued in my heart and my mind that my God did that for me. James prayed first for those who were in a pit...then he prayed for those who were hurting and asked us to raise a hand---my hand was up so fast. God's power and presence was so evident in his prayer. I Cor. 2: 3, 4. You could hear weeping all over the studio and in my own soul for it was one of those God-moments. God showed up! And He is covering me and my boys---I'm not ashamed. I believe God did Psalm 107:20 today--- God spoke through Beth & James and sent His Word to heal us.


Amanda 4/27/2007  

My co-workers and I were so blessed to read this report! You have a gorgeous family, sister.

Brooke 4/27/2007  

i like the pic of the random girls... funny mom.

Bev Brandon 4/28/2007  

Brookie - I asked the "random girls" if I could take their picture with Beth with my cell so I could send it to them---they were so adorable and full of life. The random girls became my friends---it was an instant connection...pastors' wives just like us. No longer random, we connected...

Patty 4/28/2007  

Wow!! I am thrilled that God allowed you the opportunity to go and hear Beth and James speak. I had chills when you wrote about covering our boys, I have 2 teenage boys and I cover them in prayer every day. God has a great plan and future for them but satan has a plan to! I want them to be goldy men in love with Jesus! Thanks for visiting my blog and I love your blog, too! Have a great day!

Bev Brandon 4/28/2007  

I sat a spell on your swing, Patty, and heard my Father's voice through you that He will still my storm to a whisper and hush the waves of the sea that scare me so--- Psalm 107:28-30. Thanks my friend!

Connie Barris 4/29/2007  

Hi Bev..
I'm so glad you stopped by... and I always love to hear about how Christian counselors help in someone's life.
There are not enough counselors to go around in the world. As there is so much pain and so much need.
But I'm so glad God healed you.
And you are right! that is who healed you.
I am only the vessel for the Holy SPirit to work.
BLessings to you...
Keep in touch

Jane 4/30/2007  

How wonderful to see all the pics of your family. I check your blog out daily as I'm cruising through Katie's, Brooke's, and Staci's and I find it so uplifting and inspirational. It's better than my morning cup of coffee.

What wonderful girls we have and I praise God for bringing them together this year. It is incredible how He has worked in their lives.

Stephanie 5/05/2007  

Rach, Jess and I are all leaving in the morning for Thailand! My roommate Emily is meeting us there though so if you want to mail anything just get it to Austin by Wednesday and she will take it with her. Her name is:
Emily Hopper
2800 Bowman Ave
Austin TX 78703

Just write her a little note and ask her to bring it with her. Love you!

CrownLaidDown 6/14/2007  

How very cool! God you ROCK our world!

Thanks for stopping by today Bev! Your face looks familiar, too. We lived in Marshall, TX for nine years before moving here to Colorado. We spend a lot of time in Dallas/ Ft. Worth, too! In fact we'll be spending the night at Bass Pro Shop/ Embassy Suites on July 8th. Then it's home to Colorado (we're going to our nephew's wedding in Marshall on June 30th and then to it will be on the way back).

I always love to read your comments on the LPM blog and other places!
Blessings on ya,
Holly Smith
Class of '93 Whoop!

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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