Monday, March 14, 2011

99 Spring Break Students + Britt = 100

They say "no news is good news."  Who is they?  My oncologist has not called with the results of my latest scans.  Waiting...

Meanwhile, I sit at Seton Hospital waiting for my youngest boy to be X-rayed for pneumonia, again.  He's had it since Christmas. Why can't a strapping young boy fight off walking pneumonia?  Mono.

From the swamped hospital waiting room, I swipe my own doctor's office for results. There's James on the end of the line:  "Mrs. Brandon (who is holding her breath), Everything looks normal.  Markers are stable."  Breathe out.  And I believe it's quite all right with the God I so adore to hold my breath for a second or two to see what's next. 

For my joy, my rest comes not from cancer-free news or job-of-the-decade news or even a job.
Isaiah 30:15 "In Returnings and Rest,
In Quietness and Confidence, my Strength is in You. 
It is good news that my cancer remains within a normal range.  My tumor markers won't go down to zero because of metastasis.  But these are just numbers, mere information, and I wait on a very Good God, no matter what.  Test results are not our hope and joy, only He is.

Britt's home for Spring Break, sleeping the week away, trying to recuperate...we'll see what the doctor says.  And we'll keep on praying for good health.  In the waiting room...

Brooke and her BSU staff are here in A-town all week.  She brought 99 students.  99 UT college students!!!!!   From the other A-town. Here to serve our city!   Britt & I helped serve roast & potatoes last night and then the worship---touched my soul deeply!!!   Here are kids who are truly waiting on God. 

This emptynester is like off the charts in spring-break-week-off excitement having two of mine own HOME. I miss my kids more than I can ever say.  Three straight decades of children tugging on my skirt and heart and not a day off! They say it will get better...hmmm.  On my way to go help cook dinner for the 99.  You know I am ecstatic! 

Isaiah 30:18 - The LORD longs to be compassionate on every one of us.  Britt asleep. Tsunamis ravaging oh so many.  The tsunami photos are horrificly chilling to see a city obliterated in a city minute.  Praying God's Compassion on all.

We wait, not on any test results, not on any man.  We wait on a very Good God Whose Eyes run back and forth the whole earth to show Himself strong, 2 Chron 16:9.  To me and to you!  Will our lives cause His Eyes to stop?  Please stop here in ATX as we cook, dear LORD.


annette 3/14/2011  

It's a metaphor for life isn't it--the waiting room. So, so happy to hear your tumor markers are within normal range, and now to get that boy of yours well! It's so hard to watch someone who should be loving his first year of college be feeling poorly. And I know you are l.o.v.i.n.g. being with all those kids tonight. Enjoy your spring break. Hope to catch up sometime this week. Love, A

Nise' 3/14/2011  

Praise Him that your markers are within the normal range. Thank you for the reminder that we wait on a very good God. We needed to hear that as my father-in-law is once again in the hospital with congestive heart/lung failure so far from us and we just want to get him home in 3 weeks.

Mary Lou 3/14/2011  

As usual, your post touched places inside of me. Used a quote from you on FB and also wrote it on a Caring Bridge site of a young woman, a year older than my daughter who is expecting her first baby and has aggressive breast cancer and has had 4 chemo treatments and is waiting on surgery to remove the breast at the end of the month. She is truly in a waiting room. Annette is so truly is a waiting room. Happy and praising Him for your good report. I truly wonder IF His eyes would stop when they got to me...I truly believe that they will and have stopped on you. May you have an extra special week with two of your "babies" at home. Take care of yourself...get your rest...Love you...Mary Lou

Rhonda 3/15/2011  

Praising God for your good report and praying for healing for Britt.

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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House of Blessing Tribal Childrens Home
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