Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Messiah of My Dreams

Novice winds blow armaggedon hard in ATX, it's 18 degrees.
It is a season of no words for me yet holding Hope as I wait to thaw out of a tight place.

Night terrors washed over my Sunday sweet sleep.
I couldn't stop the tumultuous thoughts.
Just sweat it through and wait to thaw.
You see HE is the God-of-My-Tight-Places ~ Psalm 46:10.

And The Living Letters of my friends Annette & Holly & Deborah
bid me bloom forth like Lazarus in Spring ~ unwrapped, unearthed, undone ~ 2 Cor 3:3

Blogging Friends like Ann Voskamp give me Hope
She let me borrow her God Who never failed to send Spring.
 I hang on to the Present Grace for
When was the Last Time the Sun didn't dawn or set at the right time?
When is the Last Time God refused to be good to me, to you? ~ Jeremiah 33:20

The Messiah of My Dreams sends forth His Word through new friends in a Voskamp camp and old friends gathered at Rock Lake Ranch and He melts my heart like snow in spring and heals me and I don't know how I'm any different this moment than I was a day ago.
But I am. ~ Psalm 107:20; 147:18

Frozen pain and Fresh problems remain. Always will.
The Present Grace is Who Stirs in me as I read you while the Living Word reads me.


Sharon Brumfield 2/02/2011  

Love the new look...Holly does a great job.
I join you in thanking God for His brings peace to my heart to know that seed time nor harvest will pass away till He returns. And who knows...maybe we will be allowed to have gardens in heaven. :)
And where would I have been the last several years without my blogging sister....who knew the internet would be such a blessing from our God.
Love you girl

Toknowhim 2/02/2011  

Love the new look, and the title is so appropriate for you. You are an inspiration to many...

Looking forward to connecting more with you in 2011.

Love ya, Kim

twinkle 2/02/2011  

Amazing. Grace is here.

Your too-tight spaces are meant to be spacious. Deep roots are needed and provided by the Lord of the Vineyard.

His cup is raised there in heaven. Do you sense how He longs for His Bride?

annette 2/02/2011  

So many things you say here touch deep places. We've traveled some of this together this year, and much has been between your beautiful God and your earnestly seeking heart. You offer the deep places of consolation and meaning--the richness of living out loud-laying it all out for Him to say a word or extend a touch...He is so the God of your beautiful and worn, or frayed as you say, heart--worn as in thoroughly used-you love so well, and feel so beautifully-express so eloquently. Such a privilege to be walking beside you and count you as friend! Love you, Annette

annette 2/02/2011  

I forgot what I started to comment on--LOVE the new header. Holly captured you splendidly!

Mary Lou 2/03/2011  

Tied to leave a comment yesterday, wouldn't post for some reason. I too, love the new look. Holly outdid herself. Your words always reach places in me that I didn't know existed. So glad to be on this journey with you. Love you, Mary Lou

Dee 2/03/2011  

I also love the new look. I just want you to know that you bless me. Love, Deidra

Nise' 2/05/2011  

Beautiful new design! Holly does fantastic work.

Fran 2/05/2011  

Love you and praying Bev. Big big hugs from TN!

twinkle 2/06/2011  

A quick note to let you know you are the winner for my giveaway of Ann Voskamp's book, one thousand gifts! I will be sending you your gift in the mail. Love you.

Julie 2/09/2011  

Just wanted to stop over...I saw your post on the Bloom book club. I am lifting you up in prayer, sweet sister.

May His joy wash over you like a fresh spring (healing) rain.



Lisa Easterling 2/10/2011  

You have such a beautifully real writing style. It gives a perfect view into your sweet heart. Wishing you love today, my dear friend.


Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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