Thursday, January 21, 2010

Aliens in Austin!

Bev & Lindsee Lou
I drove non-stop 336 miles round trip to get to the SMT and spend two hours seeing bloggers like my Lindsee Lou with the most beautiful heart for HIM! You see, my son got married last weekend at a destination wedding and we were finished celebrating or so I thought! I was all set to come to SMT and stay at the hotel. The day after his wedding, my son came to me on Monday and said that he wanted to give me his "miles" so I could come to their California wedding party celebration with 100 of their California friends. I had to say YES to my boy. We hadn't planned to fly to California because of our money situation. No-brainer. He could fly me out of Houston on Saturday morning. So I came to SMT for two hours on Friday night and it was so worth it!

I was a tad late out of Austin trying to help my senior boy in high school with some "senior stuff" deadlines. But I made it to Houston without stopping! Amanda greeted me at the door---the mastermind/heart behind all of this blogging stuff. I'd never seen her within 100 feet before. All I could say was 2Cor 2:14---you are so the fragrance of Jesus to us all! Annette, always beautiful and svelte, ran down the hall to find me and I teared up as I laid eyes on my bloggy lifelong friend. She sat me next to Sylvia and whispered who it was---a siesta full of Courage and Compassion right next to me. And on the other side was humble honest Angie B. We read the Bible together a year ago all the way through---she has such a hunger to grow!  That's me with Annie's Eyes.

Beth's words about Psalm 119 fell on my heart, stuck in a wilderness, but Exodus 15:26 HE is my Healer in this wilderness that I walk through. HE has used blogging friends to meet me in my weakness.. Abby (she couldn't come!) just texted me a few minutes ago words of tremendous hope for me for this moment. I've found a community that God has used to carry me through some difficult times with relationships, and our finances, and with my having cancer in the midst of living in a new place.

When Beth shared Psa 119:25 - "give me discernment that I may understand," I felt God stirring my heart that while I'll never understand all the difficulties we face this day, HE will show me better how to think about all of this. She shared Luke 24:45 that HE will open my mind to understand. And then I was so taken back when she prayed Isaiah 50:4 for all of us as she closed: Oh that our Beautiful God would awaken our ears to hear as we have been taught. Then she prayed that we would "stand still" and Exodus 14:14 has so been on my heart this past week as I've wrestled with a Good God in my mess. Stand still and HE will fight for you. So what does that mean? I just think it's amazing that there are over 31,000 verses in the Bible and God brings to Beth's mind the same one He drew me to---that's so like Him!

Twinkle, Bev & Georgia Jan
A mass exit to the Lobby and the first person to cross my path was Twinkle with an accent! How was I supposed to know that? It's funny how some bloggers you don't have a clue what they look like, just their heart. And she has a beautiful one---we're reading the Bible together and I know! Up comes Big Mama with the cutest jacket EVER! Made me so miss boomama Sophie!!! There's such humility in bigmama Melanie's presence! Turned around and there's Patty---one of the first bloggers I ever met who shared a Word from God that I remember to this day. Behind her was Lora and her words touched me deeply. Next to her was Suzi and I had actually been afraid to follow a suggestion and "friend" her on Facebook cause I only friend people I know or I think it's stalking---where did I get that from?

I spent the night with Annette. She got up at 5:00 AM to take me to the airport. And she still hung on to every moment of the weekend. I made it to San Francisco for the wedding celebration even though my plane had mechanical failure and they had to move us to another one! Another story.

Moving to Austin has been a huge transition for us as we left our home and lifelong friends of 33 years in Fort Worth. Resident Aliens in Austin! And that's where the blogging community came in and it's these bloggers that have touched my heart deeply. My radiation oncologist let me bring Travis' music on an Ipod into my 36 radiation treatments cause I was so scared to pieces. Seeing Travis on Friday night and hearing the voice that I've come to find such Comfort and Grace and Love meant more than I can say. Bloggers have so brought God to me as I have faced cancer in these past few months.      Thanks Travis!

And as Beth shared Psalm 119:57 "YOU are my portion..." HE is enough as He continues to detach me from anything that I depend that brings me joy other than HIM. This blogging community has meant much to me. What an honor to walk alongside those of you who will never know the impact of your posts until heaven because you are living letters written on hearts. So humbled to be at the       SMT with you all!
For His Glory!


boomama 1/25/2010  

I thought of you so often this weekend - and Melanie told me that she got to hug your neck! Love your sweet heart - so tickled you were able to be there!

Bobbie 1/25/2010  

Seeing you Friday night was such a blessing! You've been such an inspiration to me and seeing your smile made my weekend. The first question my husband asked me when I walked in our room that night was 'did you see Bev?' I was thrilled that I could say 'you bet'!

I can't wait to hear about the wedding and your trip to CA. I'm sure it was wonderful to celebrate with your kids and their friends.

May many blessings come your way!

Marla Taviano 1/25/2010  

What a beautiful post, Bev! So glad you got to be there Friday night! God sure is working in and through you! It shows all over your face!

Lisa 1/25/2010  

I was so glad to hear that you were able to attend this amazing gathering. I wish we could have shared a hug. Next time. Praying for your continued health and full restoration.
Blessings ~ Lisa

Beth.. One Blessed Nana 1/25/2010  

I think I saw you Friday night! You are just beautiful and I pray that you continue to receive the healing that God is bestowing upon you!

I was there with my friend Yolanda and we had a marvelous time!

Beth Herring

Nise' 1/25/2010  

I am so glad that you got to go Bev! I love seeing your long, long hair, mine is just as long and I get comments that a woman of my age (50) SHOULD NOT have long hair. Where does it say that I want to know? LOL

I am tickled to see Twinkle's face and can now picture her when I read her comments as we read the Word together.

Also, love seeing that chocolate cake over on the left in the picture with Twinkle and Georgie Jan!

Looking forward to the day we can hug each other neck either here or in heaven!

Sharon Brumfield 1/25/2010  

I am so glad that you got to go...what a blessing sent straight from our Father.
He does work things out when we are just will to wait and then go with His flow.
Your faith has blessed my heart so.
As my friend here gets ready for the biggest portion of her cancer treatment I will keep in mind the things that I have heard you say.
Thank you for your testimony!

Rhonda 1/25/2010  

You were showered with love up close and from afar. When you came in I nudged my sister and said "Look it's Bev. I am so glad she made it." Next time I am hugging that neck for sure! Crowd and all:o)

Sandy 1/25/2010  

I am glad you got to be with us on Friday night. . .I mean, I wasn't with you, didn't get to meet you, but I was there, too.
I will pray for your continual healing.

Thank you for the beautiful post!

Ang baylis 1/25/2010  

It was SO nice seeing you, Bev! I'm just bummed we couldn't do our pajama party thing because you had to get up so early. I didn't want to tempt you, since you had to get up so early! I'm sorry I didn't get to say goodbye to you or visit like I would have liked! I'm glad you got to see everybody else. I know it meant the world to you! I admire you for wanting to come to the celebration, even though it was only for a couple of hours! I hope you had fun at the reception. I'm still praying for you!
Love you,
Angie xoxo

Amanda 1/25/2010  

Bev, I was so thankful that God had me get out of my seat and go into the hall at the exact moment you were walking up. It was so wonderful to hug your neck and see your beautiful, radiant face. Thank you for going out of your way to come for that brief time. When I sat back down I wrote a note to Travis and told him you were here for the evening. He was so excited that he would be able to visit with you. Know that you are so loved by all of us. You are a very special lady.

jennyhope 1/25/2010  

Sweet Sweet Bev. I lub you (love as morgs says) so much! you mean so much to me and I am so proud of you for fighting the good fight!
Thank you for your constant self.

Lindsee Lou 1/26/2010  

Sweet Bev! This post screams Jesus. The desire you have to honor Him in all you do is nothing but contagious. I love you to pieces and was THRILLED to hug your neck on Friday night. I kept telling people I needed to find you. You were a highlight of my weekend. Much love to you, sweet friend. I so hope you enjoyed your time in California as well!

Lindsee Lou 1/26/2010  

Sweet Bev! This post screams Jesus. The desire you have to honor Him in all you do is nothing but contagious. I love you to pieces and was THRILLED to hug your neck on Friday night. I kept telling people I needed to find you. You were a highlight of my weekend. Much love to you, sweet friend. I so hope you enjoyed your time in California as well!

Yankee Mama 1/26/2010  

Too sweet! I was so happy to meet you in reall life-you are not a stalker-so funny! My new BFF! Love you Bev!

Yolanda 1/26/2010  

I'm still so sad this morning that we were both there, and I didn't get to love on you. Wasn't the whole weekend, simply....indescribable, truly. AND AMAZING!

Love to YOU!

MontyG3 1/26/2010  

Travis was one of our worship leaders at our church in Nashville (on Music Row, so we had some awesome musicians!). It has been fun watching how the Lord has used his gifts to touch so many!!


connorcolesmom 1/26/2010  

I am so thankful you had the opportunity to go!! I wish I could have been there to see you again
YOu are such a treasure and have meant so much to me over the past few years!
Much love

Melissa 1/26/2010  

Bev, I was so disappointed not to see you! Thank you so much for coming. Made me smile just knowing you were there.

Big Mama 1/26/2010  

Sweet Bev, I loved that I got to see you on Friday night. I just love your sweet spirit and the fact that you just radiate the love of Christ.

sister sheri 1/26/2010  

Sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you! I am so glad you were able to come Friday night and meet with so many wonderful Siestas. It sounds like God did so much with the short time you had at the Siesta SMT celebration.

God's blessings... and thanks for stopping by my blog!

Shelli Littleton 1/26/2010  

Bev ... it is you! I went to church with you some 20 years ago and even watched your children in Sunday school. We were good friends with Phil & Anne Herrington, Bevan and Becky Unrau, Bob and Rhonda Johnson. You still look the same. I saw your post ... your name stuck out ... and wondered if it were you. I'm so sorry about you having cancer ... our daughter had a kidney tumor when she was 13 months old ... chemo, the works ... but she is 9 years old today. I'll be praying for complete healing for you.

We just moved back to Fort Worth and have been going to Travis Avenue Baptist.

And just recently found Anne Herrington on facebook!! She still looks just the same, too.

God bless ...

Sylvia's Song 1/27/2010  

Beautiful Bev,

You are part of my miracle Friday night, first just to meet you in person and then to get to sit right next to you during the Psalm 119 teaching and smell the sweet aroma of Jesus on you my precious Siesta. Your desire to allow God to be all over the core of your being encourages and inspires me like nothing else.

Just getting to know you from this blog has enriched my life that I have no words to describe the wonder of it all.

I look forward to hearing more about your trip to and the reception in California soon.

The glow of your countenance as we met when you arrived Friday night said "It is Only Jesus" to me.

You remain in my prayers Beautiful Bev.

Your Siesta Friend,

Mary Lou 1/27/2010  

I can add so little to what the others have said. My eyes filled with tears as I read your post and then all of the comments. The body of Christ is truly one wonderous thing. What a life He gives,it is so full even with the heartaches and troubles that we have while we are here on earth. What a blessing it will be when our Jesus's face we see, what a day that will be to see the One who saved us by His grace. How your words reach down into my soul and have contribute to my growth as a Jesus lover. Blessings on your day and your week end with Britt.

Sheryl 1/27/2010  

What a wonderful post, Bev. Thank you for sharing the Scripture and who all you met. It sounds like you had a great time!


Holly 1/27/2010  

Bev, I love how you keep your eyes FIXED on the author and finisher of our faith--He's all about the details, friend. Jesus loves you so much!! You know I do, too. Thank you friend. thank you!

Emmy 1/30/2010  

You were the one person I really wanted to meet last weekend... I am so sad I didn't get to : ( So I send you a hug from my heart!

I loved everything you said... my heart just breaks hearing what you are going through... I will be praying!

You have a beautiful family!

Emmy 1/31/2010  

Hi Bev!

It is me again! : ) I can't begin to tell you how much God has put you on my heart since I read your blog yesterday... I love how God does that... I just spent about an hour this afternoon reading through your old posts... oh what a journey you have been on! I am so so sorry!

I have had tears in my eyes as I have read... not only for your hurt and fear but also for the overwhelming beauty I see in you... Your heart for Him just overflows and pours out onto your readers... His fingerprints are all over these posts... just beautiful! I felt as if we have just sat down and had a heart to heart conversation and a beautiful time of prayer! Thank you for your transparency!

Please know I will be praying for you sweet Bev... I am walking this cancer road with some dear dear friends of mine (one whose husband is 33... and one whose child is 8) It is hard and tough and full of ups and downs... but God is always SO present... so faithful... always there to uphold and carry His beloved children!

Praying you feel carried today! Emmy : )

** I didn't mean to write a book... you just haven't left my heart ALL day! So I wanted you to know you have a new friend in Georgia who will be praying and walking alongside you... even if it is on a blog!**

I'm a little late to start the Bible reading... but I love Larry Crabb and I think I will go out and get his book! (I love all the authors you listed!) One more thing! My husband's name is Barritt! (family name so spelled with an i ) just thought that was fun!

Anna Ross 2/01/2010  

Thinking of you today!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend 2/02/2010  

I so wish I could have been there to hug your neck....loved that you got to make both trips....God is good

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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