Tuesday, January 19, 2010

California HERE I COME!

My son is married to the love of his life, lovely Lauren Brandon. I guess I'll stop crying soon and very soon. Hopefully! It's just that he is one of the best things that ever happened to me and it's a different chapter. You'll awlays be my boy, Barrett! It was such an honor to witness front-row seats, the vows before a Holy God, delivered by his daddy. Lauren took my breath away when she walked down the aisle flanked by her Dad and Step-Dad.

We toasted the couple at the Reception and watched two families come together. And in my heart I thought of that ONE FINE DAY when all of us will hold our glasses high to toast the King of Kings along with people like Adam and Eve who started all this leave and cleave stuff. It was a beautiful moment for me as God seemed to say to me: I am behind this. I am on their side. (Genesis 21:20)

I thought of the verse I had just read that morning: Genesis 50:20 - Do I act for God? I so want God's best for all my kids. Way more than awards and achievements, it's about the person Barrett is becoming. An unbelievable young man! I couldn't have asked for a better son! Love him so! And my prayer every day continues for both of them: 2 Tim 4:7 "Keep the faith...run your race...fight a good fight..."

Barrett came over this afternoon and swept me off my feet. We were not able to go to his California Wedding Reception due to finances. He offered me his miles. He wants me to be there. Houston was already in my plans for the weekend---Houston, I have a problem---I'm going to California this weekend! What a surprise!

I'll be in Houston for Beth's thing on Friday and Friday night. I'll stay with Annette and then fly out of Houston on Saturday morning. Best of both weekend worlds. See you in Houston to lift a "Siesta Toast" or see you in San Francisco to lift a "Wedding Toast."


Nise' 1/19/2010  

I am so going to miss being in Houston this weekend. It just didn't work out. Hug everyone for me and take lots of pictures.

Enjoy your time in California!

Patty 1/19/2010  

So happy for Barrett and his new wife and for you!! Praising God you get to go to California!! Georgia and I will be in Houston!!

Love you,

Toknowhim 1/19/2010  

So happy for all of you too... Love ya, Kim

boomama 1/19/2010  

If you get a hug from Melanie or Travis this weekend, it's from me, too. Wish I could be there - but my hubby is turning 40, so we're going to celebrate him. Love you - so excited about your California trip!

Lindsee 1/19/2010  

Bev! I am just thrilled that you get to have the best of both worlds. Although you'd be completely forgiven if you chose Cali instead of Houston! I can't wait to hug your sweet neck. Love you!

Amanda 1/19/2010  

That's awesome. We will all love getting to hug your neck on Friday night, then we will happily send you off to celebrate your son and new daughter!

Rhonda 1/19/2010  

So happy for you! Hope I see you Friday night:)

Sharon Brumfield 1/20/2010  

I am so glad you are getting out and about. What a blessing from God. I pray you have plenty of energy and that you have a great time.

Sylvia V. 1/20/2010  

Bev, I am so thrilled that God is allowing this full weekend for you to embrace for every opportunity possible. You encourage me in my walk with Him. I look so forward to hugging your neck Fridy night and meeting you face to face because He Lives.

Warrior in Training 1/20/2010  

Praise God for your double blessing! Praying for you this weekend........

Sheryl 1/20/2010  

God is in the blessing business. I praise Him for HIS answer to your desire.


Bobbie 1/20/2010  

Congrats to you and your family--DILs are wonderful and it sounds like yours is definitely a keeper! Can't wait to see you in Houston, your neck may be sore after so many hugs!

Safe travel...Bobbie

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend 1/20/2010  

So sorry that I will miss you in Houston...We are leaving on vacation on Friday and friends offered us the most fantastic home in Vail...so had to make a decision to do the vacation....just love being with family...so happy for you...

Mary Lou 1/21/2010  

What a great God..you get to be in both worlds this week end..Houston and CA. Will miss being there, but so thankful you get to do both. You are flying high girl friend. And to top it, you are staying with Annette, that would be the icing on the cake for me. Hugging you thru cyber space, but you already know my feelings. Blessings on the time at both places, especially CA. Love, Mary Lou

Dee 1/21/2010  

Dear, Dear Bev,
I would love to finally meet you in Houston, but I won't be there. I am so happy that you are able to attend the siesta get-together, but what an extra blessing to be with your son and daughter-in-law. God shower you with His favor.

Rhonda 1/25/2010  

Hi Bev. I am sorry we did not meet either. I actually saw you Friday night (sat a couple of rows behind you) and you were being showered with love so I did not want to intrude. Hope you had a safe flight to California and a blast at the reception. Next time for sure:)

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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