Monday, July 16, 2007


I just can't wait to get to church on Sunday mornings! I can't wait!!! I was on time yesterday and was so excited about going to church when "it" happened...I lost my eyeglasses right off my face in my house...on my way to church on Sunday morning...and what happened to them? They fell off my face in my house, I guess. So I took off anyway in the car and three blocks down the road I ran out of gas (the gas gauge said I had 24 more miles!) and coasted straight into a gas station---right smack to the pump that was covered with a trashbag--- that station was out of gas too...closed for business...someone didn't want me at church...I did make the second service after being rescued by my kind husband in 90 degree heat... and if I told you what happened to me in the second service, you'd know why it happened that I missed the first one...and I just have to also add that the presence of God in our worship in that second service was overwhelming to me, simply overwhelming and at one point most of the congregation spontaneously stood to praise our thrilled to be there...even with gas and no glasses...

I haven't seen too many blogs that post about missing items. Could it be most of my blogging friends are not approaching 100 years old like I...seems to me that my misplacing of items right off my face is growing greater. Please help mom find her purse, her keys, and her glasses in random order.

I have frantically searched nooks and crannies of my home only to find a $50 check I didn't know my son was missing (thought it was in the bank) and a present I had not opened and some mail that had fallen behind the hall table. No glasses...vanished into home air.

Britt and I leave on Friday for his 5-day basketball tournament and I'll be there but won't be able to see him on the court if I don't find these tri-focals. He will be like an ant on the court---forget that analogy---he will be like a skinny tree moving on the court among 9 other slender trees. Won't be able to decipher which tree belongs to me. Yes, tri-focals---- and I can't order another pair in less than a week.

So, I am probably the first blogger to post an SOS for help finding glasses...I need peace. I need wisdom where to look again. I need peace, did I say that already? I need peace to board Friday's plane with limited vision. Seriously, I really appreciate every time you pray for me and my family and bring us before our Father who cares about everything about our lives, especially my coming to Him to find peace and rest for my present persistent teeny troubles.

Gotta go...and where are my car keys?


Sharon 7/17/2007  

Are you sure they are not on your head. :)
Sorry......that is where my Mom looses hers most of the time.

Dear God I thank you that you know where those glasses are. I ask that you give my sister a little wisdom as to their hiding place.Thank you that you are going to provide them so she can see the games.

Sarah 7/17/2007  

Mrs. Bev!
I am praying you find your glasses right now!!

I am also thinking how funny you are and how I laughed out loud while I read this and I am going to thank God for making you YOU while I pray for the glasses.

Love you.

CrownLaidDown 7/18/2007  

Praying for you Sister! Mmmm...Lord, help Bev find her "needle in a haystack." Amen.
Great talkin' with you on Sunday! So very excited to get to hang out together soon!

Blair 7/18/2007  

BAHAHA, as i read each word I became more and more aware of how much I am like you...

the other day i had a diet coke in one hand, popcorn in the other, and i was yelling for my roomates upstairs to come help me find my glasses so i could watch the tv without my eyes watering from straining...low and behold, my roomate comes downstairs and immediately begins laughing...they were on my head....and at that exact moment, i almost dropped my diet coke and popcorn b/c i am exactly like you...weeeeeird isnt it...


Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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