Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No Sin Can Destroy My Desire for God

1st Day in ISRAEL
Arrived in Tel Aviv, Israel today. The airport overlooks the Joshua 10:13's the place where the sun stood still and the moon stopped til the nation avenged itself. Kind of takes your breath away to see the beauty in the moment.

The hotel is increible overlooking the Meditteranean Sea. The buffet was like cruise quality---unbelievable spread. But what draws me in tonight is the people on this tour. 134 friends of Larry Crabb for this 66 LOVE LETTERS tour. Have already wept with old friends and laughed with new friends even shedding a few tears with them too. Loved meeting Lisa tonight at supper---the conversation is just so good with people who are so willing to deal with what is stirring in their hearts. The old and new yet seems like we've known each other all along the way.

This is an Israeli computer I am on. Everything reads/types from right to left so I am a little dyslexic plus time-driven. But what captures my soul this night is a quote from the 66 LOVE LETTERS book: “My Power is more evident than ever in your desire for Me that no agony of soul or fall into sin can destroy.” What a Good God who understands our frame. NOTHING can separate us from HIM. So encouraging to me as I gaze into the endless sea to know that my sin is counted against me. And all these desires within me that are good ones are from Him. He is drawing me to Himself in spite of myself.


Sylvia's Song 11/17/2010  

Thank you Bev for reminding me that Jesus is drawing me to Him inspite of myself. That phrase resonates with me today. I know what I desire todo and yet somehow I don't do what I know to do.

What an amazing gift God has granted to you after all the difficult trials you've been through in recent years.

You remain in my prayers is a Song I Must Sing...believing God is continuing His amazing work in your life through the experience of this incredible journey to Israel.

Grace and Peace,

Nise' 11/17/2010  

What a wonderful birthday present! Have a fantastic time. Can't wait to read all about the trip.

Mary Lou 11/17/2010  

What an incredible thought that He draws us to Himself in spite of ourselves. I see Him doing that to my son..and pray that He keeps drawing him,for he is one of those stubborn ones who will not fully submit. He is saved but....I see a holding back. He is the one who has kept me on my knees and whom the Lord has used so in my life to show me more of Himself and the one who has broken my heart over and over. Nothing can take my son out of the Savior's hands but oh, how I pray for him a more passionate desire and love for our Lord. My prayer for you the next nine days is that He draws you over and over and blesses you more than once a day. What a loving God to give you such a gift after all of the upheaval in your you, without ever having laid eyes on you...Only God can do that...hope you sleep well...

annette 11/18/2010  

"The old and new yet seems like we've known each other all along the way." I keep picturing you walking with new and old friends, having God-glorifying conversations, blessing each other with the Jesus you wear so beautifully! Pretty much what I imagine Heaven will are in my prayers this morning for sleep and freedom from any nightmares. Love you, Annete

Bev Brandon 11/18/2010  

Writing to you from Tiberias...the sleep though short has been very sweet. The time incredible. Thanks Annette.

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

House of Blessing Tribal Childrens Home

House of Blessing Tribal Childrens Home
"Whoever welcomes a little child in My Name, welcomes Me." Matthew 18:5 We have posted pictures of the orphans receiving their gifts from you. Scroll down to the post entitled "Today Was the Big Day." Many orphans didn't own anything of their own, but now do, because of you.

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