Sunday, August 3, 2008

Monday Morning Cover to Cover

Major life changes going on over here. I’ll be back tomorrow to blog about it. Meanwhile, a good sovereign God has so shown up this week and engineered what only He can do. Psalm 45:5 was such a word to me this week from the heart of our God as we read together the chronological Bible. I could only read and weep and linger there. We read not for insight to apply to our world to gain a better life here, but we read to connect with a holy God Who is so committed to our lives and Who really wants to know us. We read to live for another world and find HIM Here on our journey to There. So share one thing that LINGERED with you and LINK us to your post. Pick one question below and ask God what He is doing in your life. I’ve seen this week that instead of being consumed with what I need to do, I am focusing on what HE is doing in our lives---and that is a lot!

DO WE THINK TOO SMALL? God’s power is protection for the righteous and judgment for those who do not follow HIM. He doesn’t leave the guilty unpunished. The Lord is good, a STRONGHOLD in the day of our troubles---right in the midst of our confusion, betrayals, dilemmas. He is good. He cares for those who trust in HIM. Nahum 1:7 Nahum warned Nineveh with a vision of doom, “I am against you.” Nahum 2:13. Nahum describes Nineveh’s fall and the corpses of people piled high to the sky surrounded by the darkness of noon, billowing bursting clouds of black sky. It’s a dark day. Beth Moore said an interesting quote yesterday---wonder if when we get to heaven, “we will say that we should have thought bigger than we did.” You know, every day we either live for God or we live for ourselves. Every decision we move toward redemption or destruction. Wonder if we are thinking too small this day?

Circumstances do not prove the goodness of God nor His Love. Josiah reigned 31 years bringing his people back to God. He was accused of opposing God cause he went to battle against the king of Egypt. “Stop opposing God, Josiah, for God is with me not with you” says the wicked king. That was not right with God, O braggy King of Egypt. The battle cost Josiah his life but we look not to circumstances to prove that God is good; to prove that God is present for Josiah and you and me; to prove that God is Love to us all. No, we look to God Himself Who promises in Psalm 81 to restore each of us with words in our mouths when we put away our idols and surrender to God. “In your distress, you called and I rescued you…I tested you…have no other gods among you…open wide your mouth and I will fill it.” Psalm 81:10

WHY IS THERE SO LITTLE HEALING IN MY LIFE? DO I HAVE MY OWN REMEDY FOR SUCCESS? Woe to Him who builds his house by unrighteousness. “I will build myself a great palace.” V. 13 There is so much more to life than security, stability, being safe in a great house. “Does it make you a king to have more and more?” v. 15 Do I defend the cause of the poor and needy? Isn’t that what it means to know God? v. 16 Is there no balm in Gilead? Jeremiah 8:22. Is there no physician there? Why is there no healing for the wound of my people? Wonder why our healing is so little in our lives? Is it because, in Jeremiah 9:13, God says you have forsaken the Word of God and have followed the stubbornness of your heart. You’ve followed images and lies that are a fraud; they have no breath in them. Jeremiah 10:14. Only the breath of God gives life. As soon as Jeremiah spoke those words that God commanded him to say, they seized him to kill him. But the LORD had hidden Jeremiah in 36:26. We are hidden from adversity when we follow the image of God. I’ve thought so much this week about Jeremiah who was asked by God to not take a wife and to have no children. Jeremiah followed God’s plan, not what he wanted out of life. A normal guy like you and me, but a follower attached only to God breathing His Word of Life in him. Am I following images that are frauds or Friends? Am I multiplying what I think is a remedy for success but there’s no healing for you. Jeremiah 46:11. Here’s a follower who didn’t buy into the success story. In Daniel 1: 8, Daniel resolved not to defile himself by the status quo. No, he pleaded for mercy from the God of heaven. His God answered him. And Daniel’s reply? “God changes times and seasons; He sets up and He deposes. He reveals deep and hidden things to us in our darkness." Daniel 2:21,22. Praise to our God Who makes known what we ask of HIM.

SHOULD YOU SEEK GREAT THINGS FOR YOURSELF? And here is the verse that is spoken by God for all of us this very day… Jeremiah 45:5 "Should you then seek great things for yourself?" Seek them not. I read this verse as we walked into our last prayer time with our God about moving to Austin. I was feeling that we were losing so much after living in this town for 33 years. That image is a fraud. Empty breath. We go where we are called to live for God, not for this world, and to not seek great things for ourselves.


Karen 8/04/2008  

I so know that circumstances do not prove God's goodness. (I loved Beth's words about testing and temptations. Expect the Test!)
Never forget that He delights in us and that His Word heals us!


Lynn - JnL4God 8/04/2008  

Good morning Bev,
Are we too small, no He loves us great and small. And your section on seeking things for yourself, good word. It's hard to go to the unknown. My husband and I will be makeing a big move to another state in approx 5 years and I have to admit as excited as I am I also have a little hesitation for the unknown. God is with you.
Have a great day. My post is up I'll try to link it Here but if not its on the blog "Living fo the Master" with the picture you said you liked.
Be blessed,
There it is. ???

Michelle V 8/04/2008  


Oh I loved this week's reading! There was just too much to cover it all! I really liked your points about.... do we think too small? I know that I am often guilty of thinking too small! And I also liked your point about not seeking great things for ourselves!

I have posted my thoughts for the week.


Shonda 8/04/2008  

Oh Bev!!
I think we're entering into new season. The thinking too small struck me. HE is a BIG GOD and can do mighty things. I need to get HIM out of the little box in my mind. Contrast the small thinking with seeking great things for myself. He is in control. Like Beth said, she didnt get on the band wagon of praying for larger borders. She's been faithful with what He's entrusted her with. I should do the same. I've been entrusted with this day, what am I going to do with it. Be a disciple, witness for him in my home, wherever I go? I'll ask HIM to order my steps and establish the work of my hands.

I wrote about having the gift of HIS revelation knowledge based on Daniel 2 and what Beth Moore taught on Luke 8:10. The Lord wants to reveal HIS secrets to us, His mysteries. You can read about it here on my blog.

Love & blessings to you!

Engrafted by His Grace--

Mary Lou 8/04/2008  

Bev, I too think we all think too small....God is a much bigger God than we can ever imagine.
I too know from first hand experience....bad circumstances do not mean that God is not good. He is good ALL of the time. He has used some really hard circumstances in my life to draw me and comfort me and pour His grace out on me. Thank you for sharing what you received from the simulcast...I tried to go to one but was not able....and I am so jealous of all of you that are getting to go to San Antonio, but as long as some of you share on your will be "almost" like being there. I would love to hug a few necks and just be in your physical presence, but that will not occur. At least, when we all get to heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be and we will all be together for all eternity. Blessings on your preparations and your changes that He is doing...Love, Mary Lou

Angela Baylis 8/04/2008  

Jeremiah 9:13, God says you have forsaken the Word of God and have followed the stubbornness of your heart. Ouch, ouch, ouch! I am one stubborn cookie sometimes! I loved how Beth said that we should be who we seem to others! I want to follow Him, Bev and I know you do too!
Love you,
Angie xoxo

Nise' 8/04/2008  

As a young adult I thought very small and thought that if I just had security and stability all would be okay. Oh how graciously and mercifully did God show me that there is so much more that He can and WANTS to provide for me and that what He wants more than I wanted security and stability is a relationship with me~

Anonymous 8/04/2008  

I wonder why we ask for our circumstances to be smooth, when God shows up even mightier in the storms. I long to know Him and let circumstances be irrelevant.

I've moved. You can find me here. I hope you are able to update your browser and check out my post. I loved everyone's take on this week's readings. They spoke so differently to each one of us, as is His wondrous way! I was touched by the prayers mentioned in the readings, especially Jeremiah's heart-wrenching prayer for his people. I hope you all are doing well. Jean, you are in most of my thoughts, these days, and your precious family, as you walk through these difficult days. May His loving and comforting Hand be upon you as you await CJ's healing. Love to all, Annette

marine's words 8/04/2008  

Just remember the Lord say for the plans I have for you are great ones,

Anonymous 8/04/2008  

Well Bev,
I see that I am not the only one that was impacted by your last question...I need to ponder that more...and I will...I guess it all comes from keeping my eyes on Jesus and letting Him be the lens...and adjust the lens as He sees am so anxious to hear/read about the how, what, where of where God is taking are an encouragement to keep holding tight to the Lord in each and every season no matter what it holds...even if it so different than you imagined.

Love to you...I wrote a bit this week about desire to be devoted to God and ultimately His amazing devotion to us.

Praying for you,


Bev Brandon @ The Fray 8/05/2008  

Karen, I love your words...and I never realized in so many ways that God was healing me all these years - Hosea 11:3

Bev Brandon @ The Fray 8/05/2008  

Lynn, I love your trusting heart, those parts that know the unknown will be so hard to walk into but you know Who holds your right hand to help you. Isa 41:13.

Bev Brandon @ The Fray 8/05/2008  

Michelle, I love your joy in reading His Word and letting it sink into your soul Psalm 51:6.

Bev Brandon @ The Fray 8/05/2008  

Shonda, you have such a good mind surrendered to HIS and that's the best place of all to be. Isaiah 26:3---a peaceful heart.

Bev Brandon @ The Fray 8/05/2008  

Mary Lou, I love your passion for God that you want to follow HIM wherever, whatever, however...

Bev Brandon @ The Fray 8/05/2008  

Mary Lou
PS - You have gone the second mile to help me find my God in the midst of my circumstances and I can't thank you enough. Isaiah 42:9 - HE is doing new things for both of us!

Bev Brandon @ The Fray 8/05/2008  

Ang, your heart is so awakened to HIM---that's God rising up in you. And we all have stubborn places that HE is emptying out of us! Your God is counseling you Isaiah 40:13 and His Words in you are just perfect.

Bev Brandon @ The Fray 8/05/2008  

Nise, I love how you know that you know that you know. You are called by HIM and you live it out. The Redeemer has come to you who repents - Isaiah 59:20.

Bev Brandon @ The Fray 8/05/2008  

Annette, who is "touched by the prayers" ... And the LORD is moved by your prayers, He says in 2Chron 33:13 --- that takes my breath away that we can move the heart of God. And I believe you do, Annette!

Bev Brandon @ The Fray 8/05/2008  

Marina, I love your joy and the LORD has such great plans for you too. HE is committed to your joy. HE is so committed to you, my dear. Your tongue is the pen of a writer, He says---Psalm 45:1

Bev Brandon @ The Fray 8/05/2008  

Helen, I love your wisdom---it is all about HIS devotion to us. Not about what we can do for HIM but what HE is doing in us. I Cor 1 - fools for Christ.

Fran 8/06/2008  

Oh Bev. The simple yet true.."who did I live for today?" I want to live for Him and Him alone but my dern self gets completely in the way! :) I'm praying for us both today. Praying that we are surrendered, full of hope and love, and serving Him with all we got!

Big hugs...Its getting close! SA that is. Let us know how life is going. I am anxious to know when!


Lindsee Lou 8/07/2008  

How in the world did I miss that you are moving to Austin?! I guess I'll have to hear all about it in a few weeks if you are still coming. Please tell me you are still coming!! And, have I told you lately how much I LOVE your top blog verse. I love it! ;)


JayCee 8/08/2008  

WOW - you are a great writer!!

Thanks for leaving a comment on my spotlight blog.

Hope we get to meet in SA!

Connie Barris 8/09/2008  

You are so faithful to take the time for these studies... I come and read.. don't always comment but your heart is just precious...

do we think too small....??


and sometimes, I do think a little bigger.. when I listen to our Papa.. and I might share what I think.... and people look at me like I have grown a third head... but I just smile...I'm not living for am I?

I have missed you


connie 8/12/2008  

I loved the words that you shared with us... I know that God is a huge God. I know that if God wasn't with me and my loved ones at those times of need there would be no hope... I just pray that those ones that don't relize that he is with them and they do things that harm them and others... My prayer is that they will know he is with them...
You are in my prayers...

Unknown 8/14/2008  

Holy Cow, Bev!!! We haven't "talked" all summer!!! How are you doing????? It looks like God is teaching you a lot! did your daughter get settled in D.C.?

I pray all is well!

Unknown 8/14/2008  

Hi, Again,Bev...You asked if I am going to S.F. I'm not sure what that is!!!

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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